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Kalita Wave 185 Coffee Pour Over Kit - Stainless Steel

Kalita Wave 185 Coffee Pour Over Kit - Stainless Steel

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It's easy to save money when you buy your pour-over coffee brewing supplies in a kit. Plus you know you're getting all the right items that work well together! This kit contains all the classic best sellers and features the stainless steel wave dripper with filters to last you a few months. Serve your decadent coffee brews in a server and record coffee notes in a paperback journal. Great for coffee nerds, beginners, and everyone in between.

The Kalita Wave is a unique brewing process with tailor-made filters and brewers that provide foolproof pour over coffee extractions. The inside of a brewer features a wave design with a contrasting 20-wave filter that works rhythmically together to limit contact between each other so water can flow evenly and at just the right rate. Once the water reaches the flat bottom 3-hole design the brewer prevents water from accumulating so extractions are even and bitterness is dodged; the result is delicious coffee. Rarely are people disappointed with the results of a Kalita Wave Brewer for their even extractions and simple brewing process.

This Pour-Over Coffee Brew Bundle Includes

  • Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper Size 185
    1 x (KW185SS)
  • Kalita Wave 185 Filters, 100 Count
    1 x (KW185F)
  • Kalita Glass Server, 500ml Capacity
    1 x (KWSERVER500)
  • Paperback, Pocket-Sized Coffee Journal
    1 x (EP33BOOK)
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