Deep-Rooted Passion From a Celebrated History

Established in 1958, Kalita is a pioneer of the Japanese coffee movement. Providing popular coffee brewing gear in Japan and worldwide for over six decades. Their popular coffee accouterments have allowed Japanese people to enjoy coffee casually at home and in the office. Without Kalita, coffee was only available at coffee shops and restaurants in Japan. Kalita is an expert in coffee tools, from coffee filters to coffee grinders. Their quality and excellence are largely based on feedback from baristas and coffee shops. Designed by baristas. For baristas.

Kalita’s primary focus on manufacturing has been unchanged: to create products that are “Made in Japan.” They believe authentic Japanese products feature fine quality, precision, and functional beauty, so they use materials from Japan or utilize the technique of the traditional Japanese arts in their products. 

Passion for Innovation Combined with Passion for Customer Service

In 2016, Espresso Parts, a worldwide leader in cafe supply and distribution, joined forces with Kalita Japan to further introduce and improve the distribution of Kalita products into the USA.

In 2022, Espresso Parts and Kalita Japan introduced a new brand experience for the United States through KalitaUSA.com

Since 1993, Espresso Parts has supplied cafe owners, baristas, and home brewers the best products and service available. Masters of the specialty coffee universe, we are a dynamic team with the sole purpose of providing the best customer service experience, period! With a renewed commitment to the customer experience, we do everything possible to build long-lasting relationships while ensuring the highest quality product and best service! Without you, our amazing customers, we would not be able to do what we love every day, and for that, we are eternally grateful!

We invite you to join the KalitaUSA family and look forward to serving the coffee community we love!