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Kalita Wave 155 Coffee Pour Over Kit - Stainless Steel

Kalita Wave 155 Coffee Pour Over Kit - Stainless Steel

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Our most popular coffee brewing kit is both simple and designed for experts or beginners. It contains our best-selling pour-over brewer; the stainless steel 155 Wave. As an added bonus this brew bundle includes a coffee journal so you can easily record your favorite roast notes and refer to them when it's time to restock your coffee bean levels.

The Kalita Wave is a unique brewing process with tailor-made filters and brewers that provide foolproof pour over coffee extractions. The inside of a brewer features a wave design with a contrasting 20-wave filter that works rhythmically together to limit contact between each other so water can flow evenly and at just the right rate. Once the water reaches the flat bottom 3-hole design the brewer prevents water from accumulating so extractions are even and bitterness is dodged; the result is delicious coffee. Rarely are people disappointed with the results of a Kalita Wave Brewer for their even extractions and simple brewing process.

This Pour-Over Coffee Brew Bundle Includes

  • Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper Size 155
    1 x (KW155SS)
  • Kalita Wave 155 Filters, 100 Count
    1 x (KW155F)
  • Kalita Glass Server, 300ml Capacity
    1 x (KWSERVER300)
  • Paperback, Pocket-Sized Coffee Journal
    1 x (EP33BOOK)
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