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Kalita Expression Kit

Kalita Expression Kit

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The Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper is a classic, straight-sided pour over dripper with a cone design, but with the iconic Kalita 3-hole extraction feature. Perfect for personal use at home, or by a professional barista in a coffee shop, this cone dripper will provide a balanced, evenly extracted cup of quality coffee. The 102 dripper fits most standard decanters, and brews up to 12oz (350ml) at a time.

This Pour-Over Coffee Brew Bundle Includes

  • Kalita Ceramic Dripper, Size 102
    1 x (KW102CD)
  • Kalita 102 Filters, 40 Count
    1 x (KW102PFW)
  • Kalita Glass Server, 500ml Capacity
    1 x (KWSERVER)
  • Paperback, Pocket-Sized Coffee Journal
    1 x (EP33BOOK)
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