AllGround Dark-T Burr

What Kind of Grinder Are You Using?

The grinder you use is as important as the beans you choose and the equipment you use to brew your coffee. It is essential to think about your specific needs before investing in a grinder. Some considerations include:

  • Grind settings & size
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Grind Capacity
  • Noise level
  • Size & space

We have chosen to offer the below grinders due to the quality and durability of materials, reliability and the unbeatable value they provide for your investment.


The Pietro Manual Coffee Grinder: The little wonder. Just over 3 lbs and 8 inches tall, which means you can use it anywhere, inside or out. Vertical and flat Dark-T Burrs are coated in titanium, aluminum, carbon and nitrogen. B-Modal geometry means they are adjustable to any grind size. This means that it is suitable for fine espresso brews, pour-overs, cold brews or any other filtered brewing method that requires a coarser grind.



Pietro Dark-T Grinding Burr
The Pietro Pro Brewing Manual Coffee Grinder: The same compact size, portability and resilient performance as its sibling, but these burrs are specifically designed for filter brewing methods. Perfect for pour-overs and cold brew. Both manual grinders provide a much quieter experience than their electric counterparts, but may not keep up in terms of speed and capacity.



Click for AllGround All Purpose Coffee Grinder - Pastel Blue
AllGround All Purpose Home Coffee Grinder - Optimal grind for any brew style, from espresso to a classic drip brewer. The convenience of an intuitive touch screen spells out the options with minimal guess work. The simple beauty of the design belies the versatility of this machine. With up to a half pound capacity in the hopper, quantity and speed are never a problem.


AllGround Sense Home Coffee Grinder - The Sense is built to provide the perfect grind for any brew style using an intuitive touch screen, just like the All Purpose Home Coffee Grinder. Both models are outfitted with B-Modal multipurpose burrs with Dark-T coating. The Sense adds an integrated load cell which weighs the coffee dose as you grind, eliminating the need for a separate scale which saves counter and storage space.



Click here for AllGround ProBrew Filter Coffee Grinder - Forest Green

AllGround ProBrew - Ideal for a single dose pour over. The Dark-T burrs utilized here are designed for precision filter brewing grind size through the unique M-Modal geometry. Instead of a traditional hopper, the AllGround Pro is equipped with a bellows to ensure minimum waste and minimum mess. The choice of the pour-over connoisseur  who wants absolutely pure, fresh grounds in every cup.



Grinder Grind Method Ideal Brewing Style
The Pietro Manual Coffee Grinder Manual All
The Pietro Pro Brewing Manual Coffee Grinder Manual Filter
AllGround All Purpose Home Coffee Grinder Electric w/touchscreen All
AllGround Sense Home Coffee Grinder Electric w/touchscreen All
AllGround ProBrew Electric w/touchscreen Filter
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