Find Your Perfect Kalita Dripper: A Comparison

Find Your Perfect Kalita Dripper: A Comparison

Kalita products have been produced in Japan since 1958 and our long-standing commitment to high quality products backed by impeccable customer service still stands today. The designs of our brewers are based on the expertise and needs of baristas from around the world who have been using our products for over six decades.

We’d like to walk you through the best of what we offer for pour-over brewing and help you find the dripper that will fill your cup just the way you like it.


Kalita Wave Brewer

Kalita Wave - 155 and 185 Drippers

The Kalita Wave is designed to give you an even and flavorful cup of coffee, thanks to its flat, three-holed bottom and wave shape. Even the filters have been designed to work precisely with this unique wave shape. The waves minimize contact between the filter and the sides of the brewer, allowing water to flow freely, evenly and at just the right pace. The result is strong, robust and balanced. These drippers are offered in glass and stainless steel to suit your preference.



Kalita Wave Style Brewer and Server

Kalita Wave - Glass Brewer and Server

The Glass Brewer and Server is an elegant space saver that utilizes Wave technology in a fun and eye-catching way. This model features a steel cradle which holds the dripper over the heat resistant glass server. A plastic band wraps around the neck for comfortable carrying and pouring. Works best with Kalita Wave 185 filters. 



Kalita Plastic Brewer

The Kalita 102 & 103 Drippers

These drippers were designed for a classic pour-over experience utilizing the straight-sided cone dripping style and three hole extraction. This creates a slightly longer extraction process that will awaken some of the more subtle flavors of the beans while emphasizing their richness. Plastic is budget-friendly, durable (dishwasher safe), and doesn’t require as much preheating as glass or stainless steel. The ceramic drippers offer a visual charm that is unbeatable. We recommend Kalita 102 or 103 filters for these drippers. 



Kalita Pour Over Kit


Our kit options enable you to match your dripper with the accessories that will complete your pour-over experience while also saving you some money. All of our kits also come with a handy coffee journal that makes it easy to record results and all of the details that went into them.



 Dripper Material Capacity Brew Technology
Kalita Wave - 155 and 185 Drippers Glass, stainless steel

1-2 doses (155)

2-4 doses (185)

Kalita Wave - Glass Brewer and Server Glass 2 doses Wave
The Kalita 102 & 103 Plastic Dripper  Plastic, ceramic

2-4 doses (102)

4-7 doses (103)

Straight-sided cone

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